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Norvell Auto Revolution Spray Tan System
Norvell Auto Revolution Spray Tan System

Norvell Auto Revolution Spray Tan System


Norvell a name synonymous with ground breaking sunless tanning innovation, continues to develop and manufacture technological breakthroughs in the sunless industry. Founded in 1983, Norvell Skin Solutions, LLC is owned and operated by three generations of the Norvell Family.

Norvell revolutionized the tanning market with the introduction of the first self-action tanning spray. After over 25 years, Norvell is proud to redefine the industry once again with the introduction of another sunless first, the Norvell Auto Revolution™.

What sets the Norvell Auto Revolution apart from the competition?

In a word, TECHNOLOGY.

By taking the products of the past into consideration, while drawing on our extensive sunless knowledge, Norvell has answered the issues commonly associated with automatic sunless tanning.

Incorporating iNTELLiSPRAY™ Technology within its “smart booth” design, the Norvell Auto Revolution, successfully simulates a handheld spraying session, while offering the privacy of an automatic spray booth session.


Welcome to the Future of Sunless.

Customize your tan by choosing Light, Medium, or Dark Tan. Then select Clear or Venetian finish for immediate color. Norvell is the leader in spray tan technology, providing the most natural looking spray tan. You will be amazed at your color!

Dress to your level of comfort, from a swimsuit to completely nude.

Your spray tan will last an average of five to seven days. Premier Tanning Salon offers the entire line of Norvell Skincare Products to help your tan last even longer!! It will exfoliate naturally like a normal tan.

Prior to your spray tan, you should shower and exfoliate to remove all lotions, oils, and make-up. Do not wear deodorant until after you receive your spray tan.

Ideally, wear loose, dark clothing to change into immediately after your spray tan